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How things look today


The park has undergone a significant transformation in the past few decades. West Milford is a land of rocks and trees. Nature has reclaimed the space, the state reclaimed the entryway. See how things look today in this gallery. 


What's left?

 For those of you who have visited the site in recent years, it is difficult to imagine that the overgrown areas were once a thriving safari park. All of the paved roads are still in place; best traversed on bike or ATV. Walking the paths is an option, but with over 1,000 acres of hilly wooded terrain, it's best to leave the walking to those with a heavy cardio fitness routine!  Many of the fences remain intact, but the structures deteriorate with each passing year. The site has been picked through over the decades, so if you're seeking relics, I'm afraid it's too late.  

Miscellaneous TREATS