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Welcome to Jungle Habitat

 43  years have passed since Warner Brothers Jungle Habitat closed its  gates for the last time.  

About Us

Who is running this site?

We are a group of friends focused on preserving the photos, artifacts, and history of Jungle Habitat. Each of us

has a connection to the park from when it was open and especially after it closed.  Way back when, you might have 

seen us at the A&W or snapping photos of the Apple House. Today, we are functional members of society who each deliver a special super-power in keeping the memories alive. 


  • Gwen: Executive Troublemaker & Trespasser Extraordinaire                        
  • Mark:  Principal Conservationist & Antiquities Handler                                
  • Lisa:  Irreverence Coordinator                                                                   
  • Stephen:  Photography                                                                              

Stories welcome

Do you have a story to share? Would you like to be featured in the JH Blog? Let us know! We are always looking for former employees or those who worked in connection with the park.  Please hit the contact button and one of us will reach out to you.

Thank You

Whether you help through sending pics, sharing your story, or spreading the word -  thank you! We couldn't document all of the good stuff without the help of supporters like you. 

Our Crew




Acknowledgements from Gwen

 I wanted to give credit to some of the people who have helped me move this site forward in one way or another. Gathering photos, information and memorabilia for a park that  closed almost 40 years ago is a collaborative (and daunting!) process. While there are too many contributors to list all by name, my sincere thanks and gratitude go out to everyone.   .

Mr. Rafael de la Sierra & Family

 Vice President of Warner Brothers Jungle Habitat & Chairman, President and Chief Executive of the Cosmos Soccer Club.  .

The Township of West Milford Planning Board

 for humoring my frequent OPRA data requests.  

Staff at the West Milford Museum

 for keeping the Habitat (and other things West Milford) alive.  

Cousin Phil

for his digital mixology and technical assistance. 

Mr. Harry Applegate

 the official Six Flags historian/site admin of the Great Adventure History page for seeking out information that has long since evaporated into thin air. I appreciate your efforts!  

Christopher Stephen Reed

 the mind behind the Warner Corner Blog 

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